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C-19 Procedures for RMT's

Hand Hygiene


All Registered Massage Therapists thoroughly wash their hands (including forearms and elbows) with soap and water prior to, after and between clients as per usual.

All clients and visitors are required to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic and after their treatment.

Hand sanitizer stations have been provided with hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada (alcohol-based sanitizer at 60-90% alcohol).

Signs have  been posted in the clinic on proper hand washing techniques and hand sanitizing techniques, in accordance with Public Health Ontario.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All contact areas, the treatment room, and equipment are disinfected after each use and between clients.

In addition to routine procedures, high-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of twice per day, and when visibly soiled. High-touch surfaces include: doorknobs, light switches, counter surfaces, and any electronic devices used by the client during their appointment (tablet for signing records and debit/credit terminal).

Any items that are difficult to clean (upholstered/fabric furniture) that are not necessary to achieving treatment outcomes have been removed from the clinic.

All linens, blankets, and pillow case covers will continue to be changed between clients, and washed and dried in the highest heat possible. Used linen will be stored in a closed container or bag until they are able to be washed.

The Clinic Space

Clear and visible signage is displayed at entrances and within the clinic that outline the signs and symptoms of COVID-19; What to do if one is at risk; How to limit transmission; and Steps to self-isolate. The Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Agency of Canada, and the World Health Organization have all been referenced in creating these signs.

All clients and visitors are required to wear masks when entering the clinic and during their appointments. Cloth masks are permitted, however, single use masks will be provided if needed. The RMT will also be wearing a mask during the entirety of the client's stay in the clinic.

Measures have been taken to minimize physical contact between clients and the RMT when outside of the treatment area.

The Appointment


All clients will be pre-screened virtually for risk of COVID-19 through an emailed survey, which will be sent to clients 5 hours prior to their appointment. If the client refuses to do this pre-screening survey, the RMT will not provide treatment.

If the client does not pass this basic COVID-19 pre-screening, the RMT will not provide treatment, regardless of the rationale for massage therapy treatment (see COVID-19 Pre-Screen Policy).

In the event that a client does not pass the pre-screening, the RMT will advise on the next steps for the client, which may include self-isolation or contacting Telehealth Ontario. This information will be documented in the client’s health record.

The RMT will not treat the client for a minimum of 14 days, until the client is asymptomatic, and has been cleared by their primary care provider or Telehealth Ontario.

When the client arrives for their appointment, the RMT will repeat the screening process to ensure the client’s COVID-19 status has not changed. This screening will be documented in the client’s health record.

The RMT will also use the same screening measures to screen themselves. 

If immediately before the treatment, either the client or the RMT does not pass screening, the RMT will not provide treatment (see COVID-19 Pre-Screen Policy).

In the event the RMT encounters a client who has gone through the screening process and entered the clinic exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they must:


  • Establish and maintain a safe physical distance of two (2) meters

  • Have the client complete hand hygiene procedures

  • If the client is not wearing a mask, provide the client with a clean mask

  • Explain the concern that they are symptomatic, discontinue treatment, and reschedule the appointment for a minimum of 14 days time between the two appointments

  • Advise the client they should self-isolate and complete the online self-assessment tool prior to contacting their healthcare provider or Telehealth Ontario

  • Clean and disinfect the practice area and anywhere the client is likely to have touched immediately after the client has left the clinic

  • Ensure a record is kept of all close contacts of the symptomatic client and other visitors of the clinic at the time of the visit. This information will be necessary for contact tracing if the client later tests positive for COVID-19


All clients and visitors are expected to come wearing a clean disposable or reusable (cloth) mask that can be worn throughout the treatment. If the client cannot wear a mask (due to a pre-existing health condition) the RMT will use their professional judgement to assess the risk of providing or continuing treatment.

All clients are advised to arrive alone (when possible) and as close to their appointment time as possible. If a client is unable to arrive alone, the person accompanying them will also be screened at their arrival to the appointment and will be required to provide their name and contact information for contact tracing purposes.

All appointments have been scheduled in a way to allow for time between clients to implement new cleaning and disinfecting protocols and to minimize client interactions with each other.



All new procedures and measures related to the client will be documented in their health record, including but not limited to screening dates and results, personal protection equipment (PPE) used during treatment, and any modifications made to the treatment.

A roster of all people entering the space (with their name and contact information) will be maintained daily to assist with contact tracing if required, ensuring client confidentiality is maintained. This list may also include couriers, guardians, and support people/workers.

Records of general infection prevention and control practices will be maintained in the clinic. These records will reflect the date and frequency with which the measures have been applied.

If there are any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a provider, staff, client, or visitor of the clinic, we will promptly report it to the Waterloo Region Public Health Unit for advice on their potential exposure and implications for continuation of work. The record of visitors and clients to the clinic might be released to Public Health for contact tracing purposes only.

Clients will be made aware if and when this happens.

All documentation will be kept for 10 years.

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